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We work hard to give back to the community, bring art back into school, inspire young minds, and instill a great sense of confidence in students of all ages.

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Meet Zoey 

“Art has helped me in so many ways be a successful individual, I’m so happy that it continues to be a big part of children’s lives,” explains Create To Learn member, Zoey. Zoey started with Create To Learn when she was just a young kid. Zoey, now a teenager, says that she is a very successful individual due to the art that she participated in growing up.

Zoey’s art gave her an outlet to be creative and speak her mind. She believes that it has helped her to become a more innovative thinker and someone who has more of an open mind. Zoey was excited that children and young adults who have a similar stories to hers will have the change to participate in Create To Learn providing them with the same sense of confidence and innovation. 


About Us

At Create To Learn, we get involved with the Orange County community by bringing art to individuals of all ages throughout Orange County. We believe that art has a way of inspiring young minds and instilling a great sense of confidence that students can utilize for the rest of their lives.


We are incredibly thankful for everyone who has provided Create To Learn with a donation or sponsorship. Your donations and sponsorships equip students with art programs that enhances their learning, and enables them with higher education. Learn how you can donate or sponsor today!

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Here at Create To Learn, we offer many opportunities to join our non-profit organization. If you’re looking to help promote the cause, donate, volunteer or intern, check out our page. We are proud to work with the Orange County Community bringing art to students.

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